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SOS PGH Concert Series Video Subscription

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of life and business. Across the country, thousands of local venues, promoters and bookers have experienced devastating losses of revenue and increased debt. Nearly 90% have suggested they run the risk of significant financial hardship or closure in the coming months. We have already lost countless venues in Pittsburgh since the beginning of the pandemic.  While the CARES Act, PPP Loans and other stimulus programs have provided assistance to many aspects of our local community and businesses, these programs often overlooked the unique needs and attributes of our local music venues.

Join us and several Pittsburgh Artists for this Virtual Venue concert series as we raise money for our music venues and industry

Net proceeds from this subscription event will benefit the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund. 

While we celebrate passage of the bi-partisan Save Our Stages Act in the recent COVID-19 relief bill, it’s uncertain exactly when federal funding will be dispersed, as it is a new program that could take weeks or months to administer and implement. During this critical time, the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund aims to serve as a lifeline for independently owned venues and promoters at the highest risk of going under while awaiting federal aid. The NIVA Emergency Relief Fund, with The Giving Back Fund as its 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor, continues to raise money to assist those at greatest risk of permanently going under as we wait for the grants to be issued. Supporters can go to to donate and learn more about NIVA and participating SOS 2020 musicians. Venues and promoters that are not currently members of NIVA, may apply for membership at Alongside NIVA, we continue to advocate at the federal, state and local levels to #SaveOurStages

“We know there are many needs in the city right now for relief, we just want to ensure that the talented musicians and hardworking venue owners and their staffs are taken care-of now and in the future. We’re family.” said Rodger.


NIVA’s mission is to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues and promoters throughout the United States. These entertainment hubs are critical to their local economies and tax bases as employers, tourism destinations, and revenue generators for neighboring businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and retail. Independent venues exist in every state across the country; they were the first to be closed, they will be the last to open. The economic recovery process will extend past just reopening the front doors, requiring solutions unique to the industry.


In October, the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund was launched to raise money for our most vulnerable venues, and keep them afloat while we wait on Congress. The fund is administered by The Giving Back Fund; a separate non-profit that will collect the money and oversee the application process for venues to receive grants from the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund.


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